80% off English Spinet 1718 by Realsamples


Check out Audio Plugin Deals‘ latest promotion featuring 80% off English Spinet 1718 by Realsamples.  This vintage Kontakt instrument will be offered for $19.95 instead of the normal $99.95 from today until Jan 29th, 2024.  The full version of Kontakt is required.  More details from APD below.


The English Spinet library features an instrument by Thomas Hitchcock in London in 1718. Hitchcocks spinets are widely acknowledged as the best-sounding of their kind.

This antique instrument was sampled by realsamples as part of them preserving the “Beurmann collection” in Germany. It has a brilliant timbre with majestic warmth and elegance.  English Spinet 1718 was recorded in its original Valotti tuning at 403 Hz (Presets in 440 Hz are included).  The sample library consists of over 700 single recordings.


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