80% off Blast the FX Bundle by Audio Blast


Audio Plugin Deals announced a new deal with 80% off Blast the FX Bundle by Audio Blast.  Until January 27th, you can purchase this bundle for just $9.99 (regular price $143.29).  It includes AcidBox & Instaloopers3.  AcidBox functions in AU and VST2 plugin formats and Instalooper3 works within AU, VST3, VST2, AAX, NKS plugin formats.  More details from APD below.

Buy Blast the FX Bundle by Audio Blast!  Use AcidBox to get the old fashion “Acid” sound everybody loves, with a lot of famous patterns, then use the InstaLooper3 effect to add interesting new glitch effects to your beats and drums to get the sound of tomorrow on your tunes!

Acidbox is a 303 style bassline and rhythm generator which functions as a standalone plugin that you can host in your DAW.  Instalooper3 is a glitch effect too that can loop the real-time audio to apply time and pitch changes to create effects on your musical creations. Use it to create breaks at the end of measures and unstructure the sound, looping it fast to create roll effects.


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