75% off Big Bad Tube EX by Psycho Circuitry


There’s a new deal at APD featuring 75% off Big Bad Tube EX by Psycho Circuitry.  This plugin will be offered for only $19 instead of the normal $79 from today until June 9th, 2024.  It supports Windows 10/11(x64) & MacOS BigSur+.  More details from APD below.


Big Bad Tube is your secret weapon for crafting professional-sounding tones. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of audio history at an unbeatable price. Add Big Bad Tube to your arsenal and transform your music productions today!

Crank up the Drive knob and unleash a torrent of warm distortion, perfect for adding bite to guitars, growl to basses, and grit to vocals. The Big Bad Tube’s simple design lets you dial in the perfect amount of analog mojo with ease.

Don’t settle for boring digital sounds. Transform your music with the raw power of Big Bad Tube EX.


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