73% off Unique Audio Plugin (UAP) by Have Audio


Check out Audio Plugin Deals‘ latest promotion featuring 73% off Unique Audio Plugin (UAP) by Have Audio. This unique plugin will be available for only $34.99 instead of the normal $129.99 starting today and ending on September 20, 2023.  A bonus expansion sample pack is also included for FREE.  The full version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher is required.  More details from APD below.


An otherworldly experience for Kontakt 6 has just landed! UAP has playable lead and atmospheric sounds, drones, soundscapes, hits, risers, whooshes, braams, wave tables, rhythmic loops and lots of unearthly textures and effects.

UAP brings you a unique alien engine to push your music and sound design to another dimension. You can bend time and space, blend into different sound dimensions, engage lots of alien-sounding FX, add organic movement and pulses and/or engage the auto-pilot or the alien randomizer CASE and just sit back/enjoy your space flight listening to which unknown and exotic places your sounds are taken to.

Last but not least, you can drag&drop your own samples (up to 128) and tweak them inside the engine, importing your favourite sample packs or our expansion packs especially designed and optimized for UAP and you pick any sample you like and stretch it through the whole keyboard generating a brand instruments in seconds, just by clicking the DILATION button.

Sample Library Review contributor, Pete Checkley, did a video review of UAP when it was first released.  Check out the video below.

UAP lets you blend into different sound dimensions, engage alien FX, and abduct your samples. It comes with 20 instruments, each with its own sound and features.


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