72% off Vintagescapes Bundle by Beatskillz


Audio Plugin Deals just announced a new deal featuring 72% off the Vintagescapes Bundle by Beatskillz.  This bundle of vintage plugins includes Flashback, Zodiac & Tekno Keyz and will be offered for $69 instead of the normal $240.00.  This offer is valid only until April 3rd, 2023.  More details from APD below.

The bundle includes Flashback, Zodiac, and Tekno Keyz. Flashback gives you the authentic and nostalgic sounds of Pop, Film and TV from the era. Zodiac lets you explore the world of New Age with lush pads, nature sounds, lead flutes, and more. Tekno Keyz brings you the famous sounds of Techno-Pop that rocked the dance floors.

Flashback: A virtual instrument with over 200 presets and arp patterns inspired by the 80s Pop, Film and TV sounds. Flashback features deep sampled sounds from real synths (digital and analog) and lets you create dynamic tracks full of color and nostalgia.

Zodiac: A virtual instrument with a collection of sounds inspired by New Age artists of the 80s and 90s like Enigma, DeepForest, Vangelis, Enya, and others. Zodiac features lush pads, nature sounds, lead flutes, and other orchestral and world elements that will transport you to another dimension.

Tekno Keyz: A virtual instrument based on the famous sounds of Techno-Pop from the 90s. Tekno Keyz brings you the sounds inspired by the works of famous acts such as Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, Snap, La Boutche, Dr. Alban, KLF, and others. Tekno Keyz will make you dance like never before.

With this bundle of plugins, you will have everything you need to make retro-inspired music in any genre. Whether you want to make synth-pop hits like Flashdance or Blade Runner soundtracks like Vangelis or ambient chillout music like Enigma or Enya – the Vintagescapes Bundle has it all. 

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