71% off St. Patrick’s Day Collection from Xtant Audio & Libre Wave


Audio Plugin Deals is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a special offer featuring 71% off the St. Patrick’s Day Collection from Xtant Audio & Libre Wave.  Normally $187, this collection is available now for $55 until March 30th, 2023.  The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.  More details from APD below.  

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a collection of authentic Irish instruments from Xtant Audio and Libre Wave. Whether you want to create a festive soundtrack for your party, a soothing melody for your meditation, or a lively tune for your dance, this collection has everything you need to bring the spirit of Ireland to your music.

The collection includes four products that cover a range of traditional Irish sounds: Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes by Xtant Audio, Paddy’s Percussion by Xtant Audio, Michaela’s Harp by Libre Wave, and O’Malley’s Irish Whistles by Libre Wave. Each product is meticulously sampled and scripted to deliver realistic and expressive performance. 

Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes

The uilleann pipes is the national bagpipe of Ireland. It is a complex instrument made up of several pipes, a pipe bag to hold the air, and a set of bellows used to inflate the bag. This library features two full sets of uilleann pipes each with chanter, drones, and regulators – including a rare double-bass regulator.

Paddy’s Irish Percussion

The samples were recorded with four closely positioned microphones. The custom Kontakt interface provides a microphone mixer with control over each channel’s volume and panning, and you also have the option to completely unload samples you’re not using.

O’Malley’s Irish Whistle

Each whistle includes a “Live” mode. This is designed for real-time performance, it adapts to your playing style and different articulations can be played naturally on the keyboard without the need for manual switching.  The whistles in this collection were recorded in the same space as our other instruments – Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes, Michaela’s Harp, and Paddy’s Irish Percussion – which helps all four to blend well when used together 

Michaela’s Harp

Michaela’s Harp is a beautifully sampled Celtic harp virtual instrument. It features three microphone positions, multiple velocity layers, damped and stopped samples, and playable triplets. We recorded a modern Celtic harp with a warm tone and a built in pick-up. This allowed us to create a direct input recording in addition to two stereo microphone positions. Michaela’s Harp was built with HISE and runs as an independent VSTi/AU plugin without the need of an extra player application. 

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