70% OFF ZeroBox by Xhun Audio


Check out VST Buzz‘s latest deal featuring 70% OFF ZeroBox by Xhun Audio.  You can purchase this bassline synthesiezer for just €29 (regular price €99) until November 28th, 2022.  More details from VST Buzz below.

ZeroBox is an accurate analogue modeling simulation of a legendary, iconic, sequencer-driven bassline synthesizer that defined an era.  It’s perfect for EDM, House Music, Techno, New Wave, Indie Pop or any electronic music scenario.

In addition to a meticulous replica of both the signal path and the physics of each of the electronic components found inside the original device (oscillator, filters, envelopes, etc.), an extended set of features, improvements and circuit-bents have been added, bringing the whole synthesis engine a step ahead.


Last but not least, a redesigned sequencer front-end and the inclusion of a full set of modulation, analogue saturation and multi-type distortion effects units make ZeroBox an expressive, powerful, self-contained tool for use in any electronic music scenario. 

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.