70% off Zebra Nordsund Bundle by The Unfinished


VST Buzz announced a new deal featuring 70% off the Zebra Nordsund Bundle by The Unfinished.  It’s available now for €39 (regular price €120) until January 17th, 2023.  This bundle requires that you own Zebra2 / ZebraHZ.  More details from VST Buzz below. 

Zebra Nordsund Bundle brings together all four Dark Edition soundsets in the Zebra Nordsund series: Blood, Gold, Dusk and Snow.  It’s inspired by the music for the Nordic Noir film and television genre, including sounds created for season four of the smash hit TV series, The Bridge.  

Created by sound designer The Unfinished, whose work has appeared in A-list Film and TV productions such as No Time To Die, Dune, The Crown and The Bridge, these sounds are inspired by series such as The Killing, Wallander, Trapped, Beck and Rebecka Martinsson, the Nordsund series is full of morbid and crunchy analogue pulses and soundscapes, as well as physically-modelled instruments and percussion. 

Grinding basses, industrial textures, silky pads, unstable sequences, tense percussion; Nordsund blends uneasy, moody analogue with dark, taut organic vibes for an authentic slice of melancholy Scandinavian tones.

Nordsund Dusk is all about the sound of night falling. The darkness providing cover for the secrets lurking in suburbia, criminals and their prey leaving the safety of their homes, downbeat detectives processing witnesses and suspects. Dark and brooding synthetic pulses and spaces.

Nordsund Snow conveys the wide open splendour and horror of white, barren landscapes. Frozen enigmas, the dangers hidden, both man made and natural. Vendettas and mysteries, passed down through generations; the clash of cultures and fear of change, as the urban slowly encroaches on the wild. Icy, sparkling, animalistic and intense hybrid-organic synthesis. 

For more information about the Zebra Nordsund Bundle, please visit VST Buzz.