70% off Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir by Soundiron


Vst Buzz just announced 70% off “Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir” bySoundiron
For a limited time you can get this sample library for Kontakt now for only €109 (reg €368.00)

26GB+ Of Incredible Full Symphonic Women’s Choir & Soloists For Kontakt!
With “Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir” Soundiron took everything they learned from engineering, developing and programming previous choir projects over the years at Tonehammer (Requiem, Liberis) and applied them here.

This library includes pure vowels, classic Latin and Slavonic (Orthodox Russian) content, as well as a large collection of choral effects (shouts, sweeps, clusters, drones, whispers and more).

It also includes 2 mic positions (stage and hall) so composers have the flexibility to incorporate the brilliant, natural sound of Venus easily into their mix. Venus has risen in the night sky, to join her men’s choral counterpart, The Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir.

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