70% off “Transgressor 2” by Boz Digital Labs now €39


Vst Buzz has announced 70% off “Transgressor 2” by Boz Digital Labs (€39 instead of €130).

““Transgressor 2” sets a new standard for transient design by combining transient shaping with two 4-band equalizers, giving you the unprecedented power to EQ attack and sustain individually.

Now you can craft the sound of your drums any way you want, whether it’s subtle enhancement or changing the sound of an entire kit, and more!”

A true one of a kind, “Transgressor 2” goes beyond the limits of standard transient designers. It gives you the ability to craft the sound of drums and other instruments not just in terms of attack and sustain, but timbrally as well.

The Transgressor combines a transient designer with two equalizers. No big deal you say? Any EQ plug-ins will do? Au contraire mon frère. Transgressor 2 not only lets you equalize the attack and sustain portions of the instrument’s envelope individually (yes, you read that right; attack can be equalized differently from sustain), but it also lets you dial in the specific low, mid, and high frequencies independently on each.

What if you need a brighter attack but want to keep the dark resonance of toms or kick drum? Perhaps you need more midrange attack but wish to brighten the resonance of a hi-hat? Perhaps you’re happy with the overall sound of snare but the attack is just a little too bright. The answer is the Transgressor 2 (you must have seen that coming). Only Transgressor 2 gives you the ability to control transients and sustain without compromising one for the other.

Just the Facts:

Hybrid transient designer with two 3-band equalizers with selectable slopes
Gain controls let you boost or eliminate transients and sustain independently
Mix knob lets you adjust wet/dry signal
Adjustable transient detector lets you control sensitivity, eliminate false triggers from bleed
Internal or external sidechain control of detector
Sidechain EQ lets you dial in the frequencies that trigger the detector
Three sidechain modes with “listen” feature to monitor sidechain signal
Retrigger controls time between triggered events
A/B bank comparison
Factory presets to get you started

For all details visit the official 70% off “Transgressor 2” by Boz Digital Labs (€39 instead of €130). page at Vst Buzz