70% off Slow: Mirage by FrozenPlain


VST Buzz announced a new deal featuring 70% off Slow: Mirage by FrozenPlain.  This ambient library is available now for only €17 (regular price €59) until March 14th, 2023.  It’s compatible for VST/AU plugin formats but does NOT support Logic 9 or older, Pro Tools, or VST3-only DAWs.  More details from VST Buzz below.

Slumberous serene pads, feedbacking tones, and flittering noise-textures: “Slow: Mirage” is a customisable sound library of pads and soundscapes inspired by the sound design of pioneering ambient producers. This versatile tool is ideal for creating atmosphere and emotion in your ambient and cinematic music.

Slow is powered by Mirage, FrozenPlain’s powerful VST/AU sampler engine, which is included for free with this product. Each of Slow’s 63 “oscillators” can be loaded into Mirage’s three layers and processed with envelopes, filters, LFOs and a whole rack of effects. As well as this, there are 100 categorised presets and randomisation tools to find inspiration quickly.


Slow features 100 production-ready presets categorised into six folders: Basses, FX, Keys, Noise Textures, Pads and Pulsers – with Pads being the most significant. Each preset is a playable instrument that can be easily tweaked to fit your track or used as-is. 

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.