70% off Lyrical Cello Phrases by Sonuscore


VST Buzz just launched a new promotion featuring 70% off Lyrical Cello Phrases by Sonuscore.  Normally €99, this cello library is available for just €29 from today until October 17th, 2023.  It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher.  More details from VST Buzz below.


If you’ve ever wanted to utilize the massive emotional force a cello contains, “Lyrical Cello Phrases” is the right heavy-hitter for you. What would your compositions be like, what would it feel like if you could have a world-class cellist with you, live whenever and wherever you were making music?

Experience this feeling with Lyrical Cello Phrases and give yourself the gift of a great tool to take your workflow, your productivity and creativity to the very next level.

Lyrical Cello Phrases features pure and emotional live phrases that make it easy to create outstanding and emotional cinematic soundtracks. This library is extremely well suited but not limited to the following music genres: Cinematic Underscore, Trailer Music, and Video Games.


Please visit VST Buzz for more information.