62% off EkoRain by Audiofier


VST Buzz announced a new deal with 62% off EkoRain by Audiofier.  Until October 25, you can purchase this ambient library for €19 (regular price €50).  Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.  More details from VST Buzz below.

EkoRain is a unique ambient/cinematic instrument which produces beautiful and delicate embellishments Audiofier call EKOS.  EkoRain generates ornaments and spurious notes that complement your melodies. The speed and occurrence of these EKOS can be controlled via CC so that it can sound like a choir of gentle raindrops, or a flood of musical beauty!

At the heart of EkoRain there are 2 Sound Sources Layers which will perform the generated EKOS. The sounds have been sampled mainly from acoustic instruments but also from analog/digital Synths which have been specifically selected in order to beautifully marry the more organic recordings.

EkoRain sports an arpeggiator which can be used in conjunction with the Ekos effect. The arpeggiator includes all the usual suspects, but produces an exquisite aura of sound when the Ekos become embellishment of the arpeggiated notes at lower arpeggio rates.

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.