62% off Ceres & Calypso Vocal Bundle by Auddict



A new VSTBuzz deal was announced this afternoon. Save 62% off the Ceres & Calypso Vocal Bundle by Auddict
Grab 2 unique solo vocalist instruments for Kontakt with true legato & multiple mics for the special price of €79 (reg €210.00).

This library comes with 8GB of Solo Vocalists in Kontakt Format!
Learn here.

Ceres (4GB) – Featuring the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells.

Legato, Portamento and vibrato controls
Chest, Prescence and Air controls
Mordents, Up Bends, Down Bends, Turns and Crescendos
Whispers – Soft whispered vowels
Ornament – For extra musical embellishment
Phrases – Short phrases recorded, and mapped to each key
Long & Short Swells – crescendo/diminuendo samples

Calypso (4GB) – Breathtaking Solo Female Vocals which Provoke Powerful Emotion…

FIVE True Legato Modes (ah, eh, ee/ih, oh, mm)
TWELVE further consonant sounds multiplying legato options and variations several-fold!
FIVE mic positions – craft your ideal sound
Legato aid function

Lots of demos and videos on the official deal page.