62% off “Bliss” by discoDSP


Vst Buzz has announced 62% off “Bliss” by discoDSP

“The Ultimate Sampler & VSTi Recorder For Audio Manipulation Junkies!”

• 62% off the normal price (normally €129)!
• Built-in VST host / VSTi sampling. Record your favorite VST without any sound quality loss!
• PLAYBACK ENGINE – Up to 64 voices polyphony (multilayered zone sampling engine).
• FILTERS – Dual Zero-Delay Feedback filters – LowPass / HighPass / BandPass 1&2 / Notch
• MODULATION – Macro Knobs, 2 LFOs, ADSR amplitude and modulation envelope.
• SAMPLE EDITOR – Built-in wave editor with full undo history.
• Scalable and themeable GUI.
• 32 / 64-bit VSTi / Audio Units compatibility.
• A sampling tool that opens up a world of possibilities for audio manipulation!

For all details visit the official 62% off “Bliss” by discoDSP page at Vst Buzz


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