44% off Mystery Box Bundle by Silence+Other Sounds


Silence+Other Sounds announced a special sale featuring 44% off their Mystery Box Bundle.  The bundle includes 3 Mystery Box libraries and you can purchase this collection for $49 (regular price $87).  This sale will run until June 18th, 2023.  More details from Silence+Other Sounds below. 

Hello everyone, for a limited time we’re offering the complete bundle of our 3 Mystery Box libraries at only $49 in total (normal total price is $87). This bundle features top notch cinematic sounds that fit particularly well the horror and thriller genre:
from mangled strings to designed metals, from heavy impacts to meticulously sampled clocks and ticking devices.
All the libraries come with a further 20% discount coupon that can be applied to anything on our catalog.

The bundle includes:

Mystery Box 1 – Bowed Experiments – a collection of cinematic sounds based on experimenting with cello and violin bows on metallic objects and broken instruments. We’ve sampled waterphones, old violins, metallic dump scrapes and other resonant objects to create a collection of eerie, subtle yet unique sounds.

Mystery Box 2 – Experimental Resonances – a collection of unique dark cinematic sounds, which sits on the edge between the authentic, organic character of the original samples and a more left-field, experimental sonic identity. 

Mystery Box 3 – Clocks & Cinematic Rhythms – a sample library based on cinematic clocks and rhythms. We’ve meticulously sampled ancient clocks, old mechanical devices, gears and wheels, mechanisms from industrial facilities, broken toys and organic sources as well (steps, water drops, wood, fire and gas).

Sample Library Review has done a couple video reviews of these libraries.  Check them out below:

For more information, please visit Silence+Other Sounds.