40% OFF Xtreme FX by UVI now $59


For the next few days, UVI has a special offer on their Xtreme FX

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Xtreme FX 1.5 delivers a massive collection of over 5,000 high-quality, professionally recorded and treated samples including everything from practical sounds and foley to stylized sound design, environmental ambiences, drones, musical elements, synthesized effects and more.

Easily integrate thousands of sounds into your project with a fast and convenient workflow, browse by category, search, add to favorites, quickly drag-and-drop sounds into your DAW of choice, or modify them within UVI Workstation or Falcon to create a near-endless source of sound inspiration. Effortlessly stretch and layer sounds and use dozens of effects including filters, delays, reverbs, dynamic processors, saturators, distortions, and more, in any order or combination you desire.

For all details visit the official Xtreme FX page UVI