40% off Albion Neo by Spitfire Audio


Spitfire Audio announced their August highlight with 40% off Albion Neo.  Until August 31st, 2021 you can purchase this Albion library for $269 (regular price $449).  It runs in Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher and is also NKS compatible.  More details from Spitfire Audio below.


Albion NEO is a modern composer’s dream — intimate, expressive sounds and textures, from organic, to hybrid, to electronic — instantly playable and malleable in our interactive, award-winning interfaces, specifically designed to spark new ideas, or bring your existing ideas to life. At its core is the NEO Orchestra, made up of super intimate, detailed chamber orchestra performances, with two divisi strings sections and a specially orchestrated chorus of woodwinds and brass.


For more information, please visit Spitfire Audio.