Ben Osterhouse has released Pattern Strings, ostinato string patterns maker for Kontakt


Indy developer Ben Osterhouse has released Pattern Strings, a Kontakt a library for creating ostinato string patterns.

“It can achieve a wide range of moods, from lightly pulsating string beds to pounding, energetic textures. 19 rhythms have been recorded at two dynamic layers on violin, viola, cello, and bass, and each rhythm was recorded as a 4 bar loop.

The interface allows you to seamlessly piece together sections of these loops in order to create endlessly customizable ostinato string patterns. Because the samples are so long, the interface was designed with a dynamic loading system which only loads whichever samples are needed for the current pattern and chosen instrumentation.

This interface is great for experimenting and learning how strings can blend together.”


The library sells for £41.25 for a limited time (reg £55)

Discount Codes:
If you already own one of the qualifying products below you can get an extra 20% off using the code:

Viola Da Gamba – Code: PATTERNGAMBA20
String Flow Cello – Code: PATTERNCELLO20
String Flow Viola – Code: PATTERNVIOLA20
String Flow Violin – Code: PATTERNVIOLIN20

Only one code can be used at once and the codes will expire on October 20th.

Version 1.1 is already here. If you have already purchased V1 you can update to V1.1 which adds the following features:​

Panning for individual instruments
Panning for each sequencer lane
Randomize patterns
Remove individual pattern parts using a backspace function (instead of having to clear the entire pattern)

For all details visit the official Pattern Strings KontaktHub


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