10.15 Sample Library Demo Round Up Review


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Demo Review 10•15 Virtual Instrument Demo Playlist
There is no better way to hear the quality and expressiveness of a new sample instrument than to put it in the hands of a capable composer. Each month we curate a playlist of sample library demos created by composers and developers to showcase the newest virtual instruments.



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10.15 Demo Round Up Review Playlist


In the October 2015 Demo Review we check out music using instruments from Soundiron, Strezov Sampling, Atom Hub, Paper Stone Instruments, Audio Imperia, Sonicsmiths, Embertone, Sonokinetic, Impact Soundworks, Sample Logic, Orchestral Tools, InSession Audio and Audio Warp. The playlist is of demonstration music created by composers and developers to showcase new instruments. Virtual instrument review.In this video Don plays through a selection of the virtual instrument demos that made it on to the Sample Library Review Demo Playlist.

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This months playlist features virtual instrument demos using the following:

  • Nova Horizon by Lex Dumitru using Lost Horizons from  Atom Hub
  • Kegyelem (naked) by Solonoid Studio using Soundiron ‘s Traveler Organ
  • “He’s a Pirate” by Hans Zimmer (arr- Nabeel Ansari, Andrew Aversa) using FURIA Staccato Strings from Impact Soundworks
  • Rise Of Atlas using Hybrid Injection from SampleCraft Audio 
  • Post Rock MIDI Pack using Indie Folk EZX from ToonTrack
  • “Ragtime” demo mixed mic versionusing Speeldoos from Sonokinetic
  • Contemporâneo by Jether Garotti Junior using Percussao Do Brasil Demo from Sonokinetic
  • To The Abyss by Ryan Scully using The Voice of Gaia from Soundiron
  • “Akasha” by Christian Baczyk using Dark Dimensions Vol. 1: from Audio Imperia
  • The Founders Destiny by Anne Dern using The Foundry from Sonicsmiths 
  • Shattered Faces by Spencer Nunamaker using Iron Pack 12 from  Soundiron
  • Shattered Faces by Spencer Nunamaker using Iron Pack 12 from  Soundiron
  • Behind The Mask (dressed) by Gabriel Kreps using TimeDrops by fluffyaudio
  • Marching In Ice Winds by Rod Abernethy using GAMELAN from Sample Logic
  • Metamorphosis 1 (Philip Glass)  arr by rodrigo-nepomuceno using Grand Glass Marimba from Muletone Audio
  • Phenomenon Official Rhodope 1.1 Demo by Dirk Ehlert using Rhodope 1,1 from Strezov Sampling
  • Tribal Dream by  John Franke using Aphelion v1.5 from Particular Sounds 
  • Designed Impacts raw samples1 using Doom from SampleTraxx
  • Start Something New by idmonster(pendle) using OddHop from Sound-Dust 
  • Nebulae (Hypernova Demo Dressed) by Michal Ratkowski (Hybrid Raven) using Hypernova by CL-Projects
  • Fifteen (solo) by Solonoid Studio using Soundiron Clack from Soundiron
  • GAK150 Demo 1 by Carlo Castellano using GAK150 from AudioThing 
  •  After Midnight (naked) byBrad Jerkins using Soundiron Iron Pack 10 from Soundiron



Thanks for checking out this month’s demo round-up. If there are some instruments and demos that didn’t make my playlist that you think should, then go to samplelibraryleview.com and look for submit audio and video, make sure it gets on my radar for next month.”