Checking Out: Hypernode by Rigid Audio (currently 90% OFF)


Rigid Audio has been teasing Hypernode for some time now so I was eager to get a hold of the new ‘Modular Electronic Music Arranger’ for Kontakt and see what the hype was all about!

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Checking Out: Hypernode by Rigid Audio

I have been a fan of Rigid Audio’s musical sensibility for some time now. The developer has released several construction kits as well as a powerful Kontakt GUI generator with some good reception from users.

In this checking out video, I spend some extended time flipping through the multi-instrument presets of the Hypernode, playing around a bit and checking out some of the functionality. Overall the instrument is very intuitive as I was able to figure out most of the functionality as I went along. For this, I salute Rigid Audio on creating an instrument with this much auto-output capability so manageable.

Toughed as a “fully modular Electronic Music Arranger” Hypernode is a massive collection of 300 Kontakt multis curated from 600 sound sources. As the tagline implies this instrument does very much fall into the ‘electronic music’ genres although I can see how it will be inspiring as a jumping off point for other genres.

Hypernode by sells for $249 from Rigid Audio



Hypernode downloads as 9.2GB. It contains 300 Kontakt Multis made up from a sample set of 600 sounds.
The instrument range from keys to guitars to synths to percussion to hybrid elements.

Hyperhone does require the full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 +


Demos of Hypernode by Rigid Audio

Videos of Hypernode by Rigid Audio