In Action @SpitfireAudio releases EVO GRID 3 Strings In Motion (Evo Bundle on Sale 34% Off)


I personally fell in love with the Evo Grid when I reviewed Olafur Arnalds Evolutions and saw the power of the engine. I just got a copy of EVO Grid 3 for review and I can’t wait to jump into it! This library sounds amazing as you would expect from Spitfire, but the real excitement comes from the time saving the instrument promises for working on scores!

You can get PP021 EVO GRID 3 from Spitfire Audio for £179.00 GBP

EVO GRID 3 is also available as part of THE EVOLUTIONS BUNDLE which includes: PP017 EVO GRID 1, PP020 EVO GRID 2, PP025 EVO GRID 4, and SYMPHONIC EVOLUTIONS. You can get the Evolutions bundle for 34%, until May 13, 2016, from here

from Spitfire Audio
“EVO GRID 3 sees Spifire Audio taking the EVO GRID concept further forward by bringing tempo-lockable ‘motions’ to the strings-centric compositional table. From shimmering textures and essential motoring ‘Evos’ that help to keep simple compositions ticking along to the most complex of polyrhythmic systems, one thing’s for sure… users will surely have to limit their time spent working with PP021 EVO GRID 3 — once you start, you just can’t stop! So claims Christian Henson at any rate.

Though the thinking behind PP021 EVO GRID 3 was initially to tackle the taxing sampling question of re-bowing — repeated phrasing on the same note, after two years of drawn-out development and shrewd scripting, the end result is so much more than was originally hoped for. This time tempo-lockable re-bowing patterns flow forth freely via the EVO GRID, gifting great ideas to media composers having to produce yards of sophisticated underscore for television commissions, games composers looking for ways of generating hours of iterative material, or producers seeking cool and understated orchestral textures — in other words, anyone looking for inspiration.

In PP021 EVO GRID 3 there are 37 unique evolutions across the whole range of the string band, grouped into three different categories. Its inspirational sounds are all tempo-locked to the host DAW while four individual mic signals — Close, Sweet Loops, ‘Completely Varped’, and Stretched — and a completely customisable EVO GRID with randomise function make more adventurous strings soundscapes than ever even more musically addictive. Ask Christian Henson… and mind the mayo!

PP021 EVO GRID 3 can be purchased and digitally downloaded from Spitfire Audio for £179.00 GBP/$269.00 USD/€251.00 EUR from here: