News: @BigFishAudio / Dieguis Prod releases Ambient Guitar for Kontakt, Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX & Acid


This one sounds great. I have been a fan of the Dieguis Production construction kits for some time no and they quality of these loops has always inspired me.  Ambien Guitar sells for $ 129.95 from Big Fish Audio.

Available as Kontakt, Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid formats.
More about the library here:

More info from Big Fish Audio
“This massive 10.8 GB collection (5 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of Ambient Guitar Styles is the perfect collection for crafting dramatic Ambient Guitar styles. Whether your needing a mysterious soundscape for your documentary, a two-note quirky melodic motif for your commercial spot or simply wanting some melodic phrases for your ambient tracks, Ambient Guitars has you covered.

Ambient Guitars contains 20 Instrument Kits containing (Baritone, Distorted, Effected, Harmony, Harmonics, Melody, Pad, Picking, Pulse, Slide and Tremolo) variations and performances. Achieve a different performance and gives you the freedom to simply use one layer of the instrument by itself or increase the depth, complexity and beauty by adding additional complimentary instrument parts. By giving you the ability to add the amount of depth and texture needed, along with multiple variations and rhythmic figures, Ambient Guitars gives you total creative freedom to create any Ambient Guitars Soundscape desired!

We’ve also included an enormous collection of Xtras including Tons of Long Phrases, Guitar Pads, Guitar Chords, Ambiences, Sound Effects, Atmospheres, One-Shots, Ebows, Melodies and Noises to meet your Ambient and Cinematic desires. Let Ambient Guitars spark your creative flames and inject your projects with the emotion of today’s hottest Ambient and Cinematic Piano Styles.