Walkthrough: Freyja Official new Female Choir library from @StrezovSampling with special intro price


Strezov has released Freyja Female Choir with a special intro price of $279.00 ( reg $329.00)

After reviewing the wonderful StormChoir and Wotan Male Choir from Strezov Sampling, I am thrilled to hear they have completed their new library FREYJA.  Freyja is a Female Choir instrument for Kontakt with a focus on the soft and emotional sounds of the female choir.

The samples were captured from ten altos and ten sopranos singers. The group of singers has previously recorded for artists like Two Steps from Hell and introduced the brandnew “agile legato” sampling technique which allows users to seamlessly play polyphonic legato with every syllable in the library.

More info at the official Strezov Sampling  Freyja Female Choir page.