“Volodia” by Franck Barré official demo of Ostinato Strings from Sonokinetic @Sonotweet


The upcoming release from Sonokinetic “Ostinato String” has a demo by the talented Franck Barré. I am always eager to see what the developer has been cooking up and this library is going to be so incredibly useful!

Library is mentioned as being released on Dec 13th!

More info from Sonokinetic below:
Ostinato Strings: The phrase library that does chords for you

Ever since we started doing phrase libraries – and we’ve done quite a few now –  we’ve been wanting to expand the harmonic material these libraries could output. Because our phrases are recorded live as a whole rather than constructed from smaller pieces, and because there are limits to memory we can use on a user’s computer and to the recording time we can allocate to a specific product while still keeping it affordable, we have never really been able to go beyond standard major and minor chords. Some of our products do contain different material, and with the harmonic shift function there are ways to approach things like 7th chords and sus chords, but until now we didn’t have a way to play all the chords we wanted and offer different inversions of these chords to boot.

At the heart of the Ostinato Series there is an entirely new process that we’ve been developing for quite some time now. From the recording stage, the entire approach is different from our regular phrase instruments in that we recorded separate intervals for various rhythm building blocks’. After careful editing we combine these intervals through an intelligent script that builds them into chords in 5 different voicings and up to 4 inversions (the fourth only for 7th chords)

Not only does it build the chords based on the inversion you play in the chord area, when you play in the harmonic shift area it will base the inversion it picks on the chord that came before it, and the chord quality on the key you’re in and the position of the chord your triggering in that key, making sure transitions are smooth and harmonically correct.

Ostinato recognises and plays twelve different chord types, it is our first instrument that does diminished, half-diminished, augmented chords for instance, for a full list check further in this manual.

Ostinato – Strings is the first instrument in this new line of instruments that will coexist with our Orchestral Series and our Phrase-Based libraries, and it fills another gap doing this very specific thing.

We, at Sonokinetic BV, are very proud to introduce Ostinato Strings to you and can’t wait to hear the amazing things you, our valued customer base, will produce with it.

Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we’d like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling.