Steinberg team up with Orchestral Tools for “Iconica Sections & Players” Orchestral Sample for Halion 3


Steinberg today announced the release of Iconica Sections & Players, an orchestral library billed as easy to use to creates professional results. But what got us really excited about this is the fact that Steinberg teamed up with sample developer Orchestral Tools to create Iconica!

The retail version of Iconica Sections & Players is available at Steinberg Online Shop with an intro price of for $699.99 until 11 July 2018 (reg $799.99)

The 30-day trial version is available from the Steinberg website.


“Produced in collaboration with specialist company Orchestral Tools, the samples were recorded by 76 musicians — including 50 players just for the strings — in Studio 2, a 400m2 room with a 10,5m floor to ceiling height and a pleasing reverb time of around 1.5 seconds. Recorded over the course of a month, the acoustic separation of Funkhaus Berlin’s studios guarantees crystal-clear samples which capture the sounds of the orchestra in perfect, intimate detail.”

Key features include:

More than 150 GB of exclusive orchestral samples recorded by 76 musicians together with Orchestral Tools in the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin.

The orchestra is made up of four large sections, each comprising several instruments for strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass.

Iconica Sections & Players features the state-of-the-art Adaptive True Legato technique.

The Tuning Scale function allows you to tune Iconica Sections & Players to a number of different scales.

All the instruments in Iconica Sections & Players were recorded with a range of different microphone positions.

Iconica’s high-end sound and VST 3 standard keep compositions at the cutting edge.



“Comprising all the single instruments and instrumental sections of a symphonic orchestra, Iconica Sections & Players comes with five string sections (Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Celli, and Basses), a selection of woodwind instruments, solo and ensemble brass, as well as orchestral percussion. The included harp must not be missed in a modern symphony orchestra and rounds out this premium range of instruments.”

For all the details visit the official Iconica Sections & Players page.