Rhythmic Robot release HT6000 – with Bastille Day Special


Rhythmic Robot have released PatchVault HT6000 collection with intro price of £4.00 £3.20 (plus VAT)
Full details from the developer’s announcement below.

Introducing the Casio HT6000 PatchVault collection
Possibly Casio’s best stab at a pro keyboard?

With four digital oscillators per voice, analogue filters, extensive programmability, MIDI control and even such rarefied possibilities as Ring Mod and metallised noise, the Casio HT6000 is the serious pro keyboard you’ve never heard of. Because for some inscrutable reason, Casio decided that in fact the much less good HZ600 was their flagship pro machine. Once they’d finished sticking auto-accompaniment, rhythm presets and built-in speakers into the HT6000 the poor thing was doomed. But it still sounds surprisingly awesome, and you can get all 20 of its inbuilt factory patches for a less-than-a-lager price of £3.20 while our Sale is still on!

Audio demos and all the usual fun are here, and even though this is a Japanese instrument from a British sample shop, we’ve decided we’re celebrating Bastille Day, so hurrah for that.