Patch Playthrough: “Private Collection” by DJSH hybrid synth/sound design library for £14.99


DJSH Music has  announced the release of its newest library: Private Collection. I have been watching DJSH develop some really unique stylized construction kits  (see review of AXIA) and it is great to see that he has taken his sensibility and created a set of playble instruments.

More info from DJSH

“Private Collection. A hybrid synth/sound design library original started as my own private collection of instruments to help aid me on the array of projects I was working on but has now become a powerful tool for modern composers, delivered with all new sounds.

Featuring instruments that can be used across a broad range of genres while incorporating many functions of the Photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena with a DJSH graphical facelift.

Crafted using analog synths, organic recordings and lots of processing, this library boasts both fat analog low end and gritty digital timbres! Taking full advantage of the Photosynthesis engine with features such as custom rhythmic sequencing and the ability to mix, blend and manipulate layers to your taste. A perfect companion to the AXIA library, delivering the same high quality of sounds but with NO loops in sight

RRP £14.99

Instrument Categories:

Percussive Rhythms.
Tonal Rhythms.

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