MUST SEE: Ethera getting Roli presets w/ cutting edge performance possibilities @WeAreROLI @CinematicProd @ZERO_G_LTD @Zero


If have been a long time supporter of the sample project Ethera since it’s infancy as a free instrument (no longer available) to it’s expansion and release with distributor Zero G. The library was created by producer Stefano Maccarelli and Vocalist Clara Sorace who I guarantee we will have been hearing more and more of her virtual voice in scores for TV, film and games since Ethera’s release.

One of the reasons I have been so passionate about supporting the sample library has been the continued dedication the team has shown in consistently upgrading the library, adding patches and sample sets as free upgrades and with the addition of the soon to be released Roli patches they are keeping with their tradition.

This is exactly the kind of innovation I personally have been eagerly awaiting – developers embracing the tactile side of controlling an instrument and crafting playable presets to help composers perform with life-like realism with 2 hands in real time.

If you haven’t already check the SLR Review of Ethera  and learn more about the Roli keyboards.