Fluffy Audio offer update to Rinascimento 1.1 and Sale Price to celebrate


Fluffy Audio has announced an update to it’s popular Rinascimento collection of medieval instruments.  The sample library for Kontakt is now available as version 1.1 (free to existing owners) and the developer is celebrating with a special sales price on the library.

“We have just released a nice content update for Rinascimento. We have finally added the legendary Viola da Gamba to our little collection of antique instruments. Also a new nice patch of percussion!”

– Fluffy Audio

We here at SLR are big fans of what Fluffy Audio has been creating specifically with Rinascimento ( and their Dominus Choir library!) so you can read the respective reviews of those libraries here:

SLR Review of Rinascimento

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For more details and to take advantage of the sales rice visit Fluffy Audio.
Rinascimento is currently on sale at for $/€239 until March 14th (reg $/€299