Embertone releases Sensual Sax virtual instrument for iOS


Embertone releases Sensual Sax for iOS

Embertone has taken their Sensual Sax library (previously released for Kontakt) and transformed it into an iOS app. The virtual instrument in an app just maybe the “first instrument (that we know of) to feature TRUE LEGATO samples”

Front and center the app features the “giant SEX knob” which sounds like it adds a rich vibrato and reverb to playback.

Now, I do use my iPad as a midi controller from time to time, but have yet to buy into the idea that the future of scoring music will be done on a smart phone.  I don’t even like to work on projects on a laptop if possible. I can’t say I take development of virtual instruments in the iOS world too seriously, although I have to take note when a company as well respected as Embertone decides to put some effort behind making a great sounding vi app for iOS.

As for me, I will be downloading a copy from the iOS App store, lighting some candles and sprinkling rose petals down the hall to surprise my girlfriend when she gets home this evening.

More info from Embertone here.  Official press release from Embertone pasted below.


RALEIGH, NC, USA: created in close collaboration with Vietnam-based Blue Mangoo, makers of the innovative iFretless instrument apps, next-level virtual instrument developerEmbertone is proud to announce availability of Sensual Saxophone — its first foray into the wonderful world of iOS with a self-explanatory, super-sexy-sounding virtual instrument intended to literally blow the musical minds of professionals and amateurs alike — as of January 6…

Sometimes you just want to put it in your mouth and blow. But when a reed gets worn or arms become weak with exhaustion sometimes sensual nature can outlast even the swankiest saxophone! So what’s a swinging lover supposed to do?

Do not fear. For Sensual Saxophone is here… the world’s first iOS instrument to feature true legato samples, no less, and a truly desirable digital solution to sax saturation. Sensual Saxophone should certainly catch the eye (and ear) of all who see (and hear) it. Indeed, it is the only virtual saxophone to feature an eye-poppingly enormous SEX knob — bang in the centre of its glitzy GUI (Graphical User Interface) that’s as easy to use as it is easy on the eye. Edge that SEXknob downwards and the sax sounds dry as a bone… but touch the knob and listen to that sound grow into something much more sexy! Switching SENSUALITY to ON ensures that the user always has the right accompaniment for evenings echoing with pleasure!

More musically meaningful (and useful) controls also abound, including REVERB (with controllable AMOUNT and ROOM SIZE settings); VIBRATO (with dedicated DEPTH slider); DELAY (with control over AMOUNT andTIME); and switchable LEGATO, SUSTAIN, and STACCATO playing styles using the onscreen lockable keyboard (switchable to DOUBLE KEYBOARD for further flexibility). Furthermore, since Sensual Saxophone is Embertone’s first foray into the wonderful world of iOS, it goes without saying that it is compatible with all major iOS-based DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), working with Apple’s Audio Unit Extensions technology — that brings the Audio Units system-level full plug-in architecture model (that was previously only available to third-party developers like Embertone in OS X) to iOS — as well as Inter-App Audio and Audiobus for full communication with the outside musical world.

Embertone embraces iOS, indeed; if its goal for this smokin’ app was for it to be both beautiful and useful to professionals and amateurs alike then it has surely succeeded. Yet it has also added a deep dollop of unadulterated fun into the musical mix… maybe even a dash of romance! Raise your sax levels to 11… by downloading Sensual Saxophone for iPad (2, mini, and above) and iPhone/iPod Touch (5 and above) today!

Sensual Saxophone can be purchased and directly downloaded from the App Store for $4.99 USD from here: https://appsto.re/us/ScNTgb.i

For more in-depth information, including video demos, please visit the dedicated Sensual Saxophone webpage here: http://www.embertone.com/instruments/sensualsax-ios.php