Demo Round Up: May 2015



Thanks to this month Demo Round Up Partner: Impact Soundworks

Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion from Impact Soundworks


Virtual Instrument Review Playlist – Demo Round Up May 2015

There is no better way to hear the quality and expressiveness of a new sample instrument than to put it in the hands of a capable composer. Each month we curate a playlist of sample library demos created by composers and developers to showcase the newest virtual instruments.

Have a new instrument demo you would like to submit for consideration?

In the May 2014 Demo Round Up Virtual Instrument Review we check out music using instruments from Embertone, Soundiron, 8Dio, Toontrack & Impact Soundworks Virtual Instument Review Playlist
In this video Don plays through some of the Demo’s that made it on to the Sample Library Review May 2015 Playlist. The playlist is of demonstration music created by composers and developers to showcase new instruments. Virtual instrument review.

This video virtual instrument review features the following demos and developers:

  • Trio Macabre Official Demo by Matthijs Kieboom using the Macabre Solo Strings from Strezov Sampling
  • DressShoe from Signo SFX
  • Demo 2 by Carlo Castellano using AudioThings Frame Drums
  • Soul Stew using the Southern Soul EZX from Toontrack
  • Memories Of Home by Alex Davis using the Fischer Viola from Embertone
  • Synthox 1.5 and BeatHawk – ‘8o8’ Expansion Demo by Louis Couka from UVI
  • Hydrocephalus (naked) by Paul Amos using Waterharp from Soundiron
  • “Aviation” (Dressed) by Ian Dorsch using Stohl Violin from Impact Soundworks
  • MASTER Gm 128 BPM Blast using Flow House V2 Kit 02 from 8DIO
  • The Dark Side (naked) by FIROZE – KAIZAD -using Antidrum 3 from Soundiron
  • Sensual Saxophone from Embertone