8Dio release Orchestral Shepards


“… Shepard Tones are the latest psycho-acoustic phenomena in modern cinematic scoring. The Shepard’s wraps a whole new textural dimension around your composition. What’s so beautiful about them is that they create an illusion of rising or falling elements, but without really doing so and without conflicting with the rest of your music. It’s a sonic illusion at its finest and an invaluable tool for anyone pursuing contemporary cinematic scoring …” (Troels Folmann)

Following in up thier original Shepards Tones library, 8Dio brings you another collection of constantly rising and falling sonic elements, but now – purely organic, created only with orchestral and various acoustic instruments like strings, brass, choirs, pianos, guitars, percussion and lots of others.

is a Kontakt instrument and is being released with an Introduction price of $48 (goes $98 on July 7th)

Learn more about 8Dios new instrument here.