60% off Stormdrum 2 by EastWest Sounds


Just got word that the VSTBuzz deal this week is a whopping 60% off Stormdrum 2. I have been using this library for ages and it has some pretty epic drums in it. My favorite is the Earthquake Ensemble!

StormDrum 2 includes over 100 instruments in the following categories:
  • Drumkits and Related
  • Ethnic Drums
  • Ethnic Metals
  • Sound Design Percussion
  • Woods and Shakers
  • Zendrum Programs
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“QUANTUM LEAP “STORMDRUM 2” is the sequel to QUANTUM LEAP STORMDRUM (one of the best selling acoustic percussion based virtual instruments ever released).

Featuring some of the most amazing, and unique multi-sampled percussion imaginable, SD2 has an unmistakable Hollywood sound-stage vibe and a sound far beyond any other commercial percussion collection!”

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